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Hip, Knee and Ankle Pain


Hip Pain can be experienced by anyone of any age. From growing children, to athletes to arthritis. The key thing with treating hip problems is to identify the source of the pain and address why the problem has happened in the first place. If it hurts to lay on your side, walk, stand or run, Dapto Osteo has answers for you.

Knee Pain can relate to wear and tear, trauma or other causes. At Dapto Osteo we conduct a detailed assessment, looking at how you stand, walk and move. We conduct testing to rule out major injury. Treatment can involve hands-on and exercise-based management that addresses any excessive tension through the leg muscles or any biomechanical imbalances.


Ankle Pain can be cause by sprains, forefoot issues, poor strength and balance, wear and tear or overuse. At Dapto Osteo we can conduct a detailed assessment to identify the source of the pain and treat why the problem happened in the first place. We have a range of practitioners that can treat those contributing factors. We have Osteos and massage therapists that can use hands-on techniques to loosen up the leg and ankle, tape for stability or use dry needling for hyper sensitivity.

We have exercise physiologists, osteos and personal trainers who can help strengthen and rehabilitate any injured tissue of the ankle and we have podiatrists that can prescribe orthotics and treat biomechanical foot issues. That's why we have been able to fix some major foot and ankle injuries that no-one would have expected to be able to fix.   


Services Available for treatment for hip, knee and ankle pain:

  • Osteopathy

  • Chiropractic

  • Podiatry

  • Massage

  • Exercise Physiology and Personal Training 

If you are unsure which service would suit you best, we recommend booking a FREE ASSESSMENT from one of our osteopaths, to be able to best advise you on the most appropriate service for you.