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A: 52 Baan Baan St, Dapto

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This is an individualised direct contact 8 week, healthy lifestyle program. It involves 3 one-on-one consultations with our associate nutritionist, 8 semi-private personal training sessions, ongoing progress measures and healthy eating and exercise plans. 


  • Nutritional Advise and Healthy Food Planning.

  • Personal Training and Exercise Planning.

  • Individualised Program.

  • Weekly contact with university educated nutritionist and personal trainer.

  • Foodworks (computer program that allows individualised food graphing) 


We use a computer program called Foodworks. What Foodworks allows us to do is input whatever you are eating and it graphs all of your levels, such as protein, magnesium, iron and so on. This allows us to quantitatively give you advise and assist you in food planning for weight loss or gain, improve metabolism and treat any deficiencies.


So many weight loss or gym run challenges are online or involve gym memberships with generalised programs and little or no direct contact with the coach, nutritionist or personal trainer. The thing that makes this program unique is the regular hands-on contact, individualised program construction. Weight loss is a bonus to a sustainable healthy lifestyle program. Out team will teach you how to incorporate exercise and healthy eating in to your life and enjoy it. Life is better when you are moving well, strong, flexible and fueling your body with premium foods.


Example Foodworks graph: